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Dear Readers, Today’s the day! Click to explore the art, poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction of our Spring/Summer issue. We hope you enjoy what we’ve put together, and we welcome feedback, both in the form below or via Facebook. Visit us on Facebook for updates throughout the summer, and check back here in September for […]

Gracious madam, I that do bring the news made not the match. -Shakespeare (Henry IV, part 2) To haunt does not mean to be present, and it is necessary to introduce haunting into the very construction of the concept. -Derrida By Alyssa Noelle Rasmussen, Web Editor Deconstruction is seen as a destructive theory by many scholars. […]

Superstition Review: Issue 11 Launch Party to be held April 25th at Mesa Arts Center by: Rikki Lux Superstition Review, the online literary magazine atArizona State University, is pleased to announce the launch of their 11th issue on Thursday, April 25th. A launch party to celebrate the occasion will take place at the Mesa Arts Center on Thursday, April 25th from 6 to 8pm. The launch party will […]

As a singer/songwriter, Vivian Garcia is a vibrant presence in the eclectic expat music community found in Madrid, Spain. Born to Cuban immigrants and raised in Chicago, she has performed in Chicago, Florida, and Madrid. She has performed with a number of individuals and groups, including Los Rumberos and Big Night Out in Florida, as […]

Last week, Jane Goodall spoke at the National Geographic store and cafe on Gran Via in Madrid. She began by speaking about her mother’s constant encouragement to follow her dreams – despite the fact that moving to Africa to write about animals was an unusual one, especially for a woman. She also recalled reading Tarzan […]

Micro Theater


  The history of micro fiction has generally established itself outside the mold of traditional writing styles. Writer and literary critic David Lagmanovich describes, in the introduction to La otra Mirada: antología del microrrelato hispánico, that micro-stories are “unusual flowers that have begun to appear in literary greenhouses” and characterizes them principally based on two […]

Philosopher Alan Watts claims “the menu is not the meal.” Yet anyone who has sat at a restaurant reading over a well written menu will have noticed the salivating effect words can have. They are Pavlov’s bell, and while they do sometimes lack the capacity to explain the ineffable, their ability to approximate sensorial experiences […]