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A river beneath the cherry trees
blooms innocence during the rain;

the Spanish cook you secretly obsess over
barbecues sweet love into the ground.

Nothing drives you. Ambition
has a shelf-life of 21 years.

Standing above a river in the valley’s
pooled palm-she holds you to get a look

before turning it over
to the sun’s rigid scrutiny. Holy Mother,

you could have lowered the bar
just a bit for the rest of us.

–excerpt from Extremadura (originally published in Right Hand Pointing)

Lee Anne Sittler’s new chapbook is inspired by her time living in Spain, in a region which is impoverished, and is famous for its physical beauty. Sittler writes about the place, the culture, and the people she met there. Her language is elegant without being flowery; touching without being sentimental. How adventure, she writes, always leads away, and never to, and my home becomes a center around which I close in my sleep. Sittler’s poems about beautiful places and interesting people are a rare pleasure.
-Dale Wisely, Editor, Right Hand Pointing

Extremadura risks an almost-too openness in a search for something almost akin to itself, almost kin, something almost-a-too vastness to speak to. Lingua. Madre. Country. Landscape. They all beckon with a sun-stunned thirst for belonging in Lee Anne Sittler’s poems. We think we’ve seen this all before, searching for oneself elsewhere, where one never really is, where one can never be. Lorca’s Poet in New York. A clarity of pleasure in an impossible task. Sittler’s poems depart from the task of pushing that eye-rock up the pile of sand, they stand flat-footed and open-toned, and bend the search into a music that speaks to a lost certainty, a remnant of which, a splinter of sound, these poems seem to whisper, is all we have left of the possible.
—Ed Pavlić, 2012, author of Winners Have Yet to be Announced: A Song for Donny Hathaway, Labors Lost Left Unfinished, and But Here Are Small Clear Refractions

Lee Anne Sittler is originally from Athens and Atlanta, Georgia, though she moved to Spain in August 2009. Her first year in Spain, she worked as an ESL Assistant in a very rural area of Extremadura, while from 2010-2012 she got an appointment in Madrid. Lee received her MFA from The University of Georgia, and she is currently finishing her MA in English at Saint Louis University-Madrid Campus.

Visit http://www.finishinglinepress.com to pre-order Extremadura online. Click on “Bookstore” or “Preorder Forthcoming Titles.”

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