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Micro Theater


  The history of micro fiction has generally established itself outside the mold of traditional writing styles. Writer and literary critic David Lagmanovich describes, in the introduction to La otra Mirada: antología del microrrelato hispánico, that micro-stories are “unusual flowers that have begun to appear in literary greenhouses” and characterizes them principally based on two […]

Philosopher Alan Watts claims “the menu is not the meal.” Yet anyone who has sat at a restaurant reading over a well written menu will have noticed the salivating effect words can have. They are Pavlov’s bell, and while they do sometimes lack the capacity to explain the ineffable, their ability to approximate sensorial experiences […]

A river beneath the cherry trees blooms innocence during the rain; the Spanish cook you secretly obsess over barbecues sweet love into the ground. Nothing drives you. Ambition has a shelf-life of 21 years. Standing above a river in the valley’s pooled palm-she holds you to get a look before turning it over to the […]

Names have always held special importance; they label, designate, reveal, and often can tie into one’s identity. In this NPR interview, author Jhumpa Lahiri discusses the significance of names as related to a multicultural identity. Lahiri’s works, including a short story collection titled Interpreter of Maladies and a novel The Namesake, examine the role of names […]