High Art or Guilty Pleasures: Why We Like What We Do


Forbidden Fruit

Are your literary tastes similar to gastronomic ones? Arthur Krystal, a writer for The New Yorker, explains: “For the longest time, there was little ambiguity between literary fiction and genre fiction: one was good for you, one simply tasted good.” To read the entire article visit:


Gary Gutting, a professor of philosophy, extends Krystal’s metaphor. He likens the pleasure experienced from more ‘vigorous’ reading to the enjoyment found in strenuous exercise.


A lolly or an apple? A leisurely walk or a mountain climb? Are all books one type or the other? What works of fiction waffle between arduous and easy, high and low? Is ‘easy’ really guilt inducing? To read about what various authors say about their ‘guilty pleasures’ visit NPR’s site “My Guilty Pleasure:”




Alyssa Rasmussen

Assistant Web Editor


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